BC SOLAR SCAM (short version in pictures)


Above Nelson BC hydro dam, the only city in western Canada with its own hydroelectric generation and distribution puts solar panels at the dam!
Same picture in winter, all reservoirs, our winter batteries for power are depleted

The only reason for Site C is to store water for winter power.  ? 


Above the annual monthly Kootenay River water flow, Orange is excess water overflowing from spring runoff in April through High summer water levels.

Above an actual Nelson solar system showing month by month annual power almost all of it made when we don't need it 

The above from Nelson hydro shows annual consumption I added coloring.  Orange is Nelson hydro generation, blue is water overflowing we don't need power, Red is winter consumption goes up and we buy excess power from Fortis, solar doesn't work.

Nelson Community solar garden  panels in winter when we actually could use the power
This picture of the Nelson community solar garden around March as the days become longer, snow begins to melt and solar power begins to be made, and spring runoff is about to fill our reservoirs, overflow, flooding occurrs we can't use all the water for power why solar is worthless.  Who installs solar panels so the front row shades the back?  Nelson did.

Daily consumption peaks at breakfast and evenings, solar midday, out of sync with need.

Why did this city put solar panels at the dam?  Almost all annual solar power is made in summer when we aren't even using all the water, we need power in winter when our reservoirs are being drawn down, solar doesn't work.

A local golf clubhouse got solar panels from public grant money.  Nelson hydro pays full retail for any excess, all made in summer when we aren't even using the waterpower?
In winter Nelson hydro doesn't make all its own power it buys excess, this is when those who gained summer credits cash in.  Public money pays for solar systems, Nelson hydro customers allow full credit for their excess unneeded power, in winter they cash in when Nelson hydro buys excess power at greater costs.   Any wonder why Nelson hydro electric rates are going up so fast.

Here we see the Nelson community solar garden installed on wood and concrete, frost heaving and warping after one year are already self destructing the system.
No data was collected on site, the spray from the dams creates its own fog back right over the solar garden

The consultants estimated annual power exaggerated years of known data by 25%.

I met with the hydro manager and emailed access to years of known local solar data, they had none for the site.

I received an email from the manager saying I was wasting their time and he would block my emails.

Well wadda ya know, the 200 panel project turned into 248, 25% more, it did made projected power, exactly what years of known data would have shown
The hydro manager presented council a business case.


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