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I believe it will be far easier to follow my complaint with these blog entries with 

This is regarding my FOI (freedom of information) request for records regarding the
engineering drawings for the Nelson Community Solar Garden

Its my contention this fails the engineering as provided for the project.
This disrespects the public by Nelson hydro management who accept this work and the profession of engineering whose members deliver this work.

The Engineering Firm MacLeod Nine Consultants Ltd. of Nelson BC provided the
city the drawings as Project No. 15-065 to Nelson Hydro.

Dated 160310 Issued for Pricing  Rev B
           160407 Issued for Review  "     A

The Installation is not installed as shown on these drawings resulting in shading of solar panels
and movement of ground mounted concrete ballasting due to earth movements possibly
a result of not using the mentioned 1200 lb vibratory roller stated in the engineers drawings.


The title "we did our homework" comes from an email to me from the RDCK director Ramona Faust.
 I was aware she was pursuing solar power grants and asked her to contact me so I could go over the bids.
Next thing I knew Balfour had solar systems on the Community Hall, Seniors Centre and Golf clubhouse.  My email to her registered my disappointment, her reply "we did our homework".

The Community Hall plus the Seniors Centre solar systems have made 7MWh since installed in July, not enough for ONE house.  BC Hydro stat....the avg home uses 11mWh/yr  greenwashers wasting our public money.  From Oct through Feb they made 2.8MWh - 4 months =25% of one avg homes annual use

You hurt us all Ramona, you got involved with thePembina Institute. Society has lost the grant money to far greater priorities than your misguided misinformed greenwashing solar bull$hit.  They are dangerous people, zealots.  And Dandelion Renewables is riding their wave to the bank sellin…

Councillor Logtenberg knows NOTHING


I first became aware of Mr. Logtenberg via the Seed Network Solar power system grant and I wrote
a letter to the editor at that time.  $25,000 in public grant money disappears in little more than a year.

The business the solar system and everyone disappeared a little more than a year later, I emailed Mr. Logtenberg and others associated with the Seed Network, these emails never bounced back to me undelivered, nor did I ever get a reply.

I was asking what happened to the solar system, I also contacted the Ministry responsible for the grant.   Mr. Logtenberg reappeared in the city running for city council I again asked the question, he denied any knowledge or connection.  This went on in the media and recently he came up with a public response to a news story.  The system went to a non profit sold for $5000 and only his brother in law was involved he had no connection nor did he work for the Seed Network.  My information is it went to a winery i…

City of Nelson power projects

City of Nelson Master Water Plan


Summer water restrictions as I understand it are due to lack of storage not water.

Nelson's primary water source is identified as a risk to spills, forest fires and slide never mind

 Below is shown a contour of this 7 km long line.
A study showed two potential microhydro power sites.  These would help pay for the project and reduce excess power purchases from Fortis.

The city is very fortunate having a gravity water system with 11 water pressure reducing stations.

One of these city PRV stations is microhydro ready.

Nelson and BC is a waterpower province with many opportunities for clean green reliable power generation.

This looks like a wonderful opportunity for this system. See the YouTube video here.

How many other local possibilities exist for this?

Nakusp put microhydro on their  city water intake for $150,000 it earns them $100 a day.

The last city council visited the Nakusp project.

Kimberley has microhydro power on their city w…

Nelson Solar Garden (mis) Engineering

Jan 28, 2019  UPDate, my FOI request to the city for the engineering notes regarding the Nelson solar garden is overdue.  Law requires a response within 30 business days.  I phoned today, the person in charge told me they were just about to deal with it.  How coincidental. Also I was told there is NO information.    The engineers drawings and what is installed bear no resemblance to each other, also the engineered drawings mention notes to be kept and inspections, I was asking for this, the engineers drawings state these are to be retained by the owner(city).     Just more stonewalling, blocking, denial from this city.  Transparency in this city, ethics?  Non existant in my experience with the city.

Below is a Professional Installation for A Homeowner the system
is about a km as the crow flies from the Commercial Nelson Community Solar Garden

Above we see the wooden Nelson Solar Garden mounting system This is more likely to be seen in a home DIY installation Installed at unoptimal 30…



                         CBT GRANTS COULD COST CITY MILLIONS

Oct 22   CBT announces $900,000  as the first intake for community buildings alternate energy grants
Application deadline Jan 7, 2019

Balfour already has solar power systems on the Balfour Golf clubhouse, Community Centre and Seniors centre.

$900,000 could instal a lot of community solar power systems in the Nelson hydro service area.

An Alberta firm installed the 3  Balfour systems for an average of  $3.30/watt.
(the Nelson solar garden installed for well over $6/watt because they had nobody who knew what they were doing)

Every likelihood a large group install created by $900,000 could bring this down to $3/w or less.

At $3/watt $900,000 could install 225kW of solar.

Highlighted below is from the RDCK Board Agenda Report
Dandelion was the winning bid from the two Alberta bids received.

Dandelion Renewables proposes an 8.96 kW solar PV system������������…


Could one Possibly Find another More Absurd Waste of Public Money in BC?

Likely the most absurd example, the City of Nelson Community Solar Garden

Finally the house of cards is beginning to tumble.  The recent denial of the Kelowna
solar project in the Fortis Electric area by the BC Utilities Commission saying it had no benefit to anyone, nor did it help decrease GHG's.

The BCOAPO submission to the project repeats the same saying all risks and costs are
borne by the ratepayers.

Even Fortis makes a statement  "it will be a challenge when the public discovers the economics of solar".

The thought of solar power causes even normal intelligent people to lose their common sense.

The Nelson Solar Garden was a product of deception.

Nelson is the only city in western Canada with its own hydroelectric generation and distribution making huge profits to pay for city projects and reduce taxes and electricity bills.
Yet they installed solar panels at the dam????

A test…