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Councillor Logtenberg knows NOTHING


I first became aware of Mr. Logtenberg via the Seed Network Solar power system grant and I wrote
a letter to the editor at that time.  $25,000 in public grant money disappears in little more than a year.

The business the solar system and everyone disappeared a little more than a year later, I emailed Mr. Logtenberg and others associated with the Seed Network, these emails never bounced back to me undelivered, nor did I ever get a reply.

I was asking what happened to the solar system, I also contacted the Ministry responsible for the grant.   Mr. Logtenberg reappeared in the city running for city council I again asked the question, he denied any knowledge or connection.  This went on in the media and recently he came up with a public response to a news story.  The system went to a non profit sold for $5000 and only his brother in law was involved he had no connection nor did he work for the Seed Network.  My information is it went to a winery i…