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Councillor Logtenberg's Memory Lapse

UPdate Mar. 2019,  still no idea where the solar system bought with public money disappeared to.
Now Councillor Logtenberg(the sky is falling) is on his doom and gloom the world is ending
 in 11 years, global warming tirade,.  He should be running this city for the benefit of all, he is
there for his benefit, Nelson taxpayers will be paying for this.

He is claiming Climate Emergency and the city has joined some save the planet wacko group.

I first became aware of Mr. Logtenberg via the Seed Network Solar power system grant and I wrote
a letter to the editor at that time.  $25,000 in public grant money disappears in little more than a year.

The business the solar system and everyone disappeared a little more than a year later, I emailed Mr. Logtenberg and others associated with the Seed Network, these emails never bounced back to me undelivered, nor did I ever get a reply.

I was asking what happened to the solar system, I also contacted the Min…